Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Technology helps feed a hungry world -

From food to conflict and human migration, this is a good read on technology lead change and the role of mobiles, drones etc etc

".....................Mobile technology also facilitates the delivery of new forms of food assistance. By transferring cash or vouchers to people via their mobile phones, for example, relief agencies can go beyond simply delivering food and support local food suppliers.

Meanwhile, Global Pulse, another UN organisation, is using mobile technology to track patterns of human behaviour, helping improve the efficiency of humanitarian responses. “We’re looking for data out there that can help us understand what people are saying related to food security,” says Robert Kirkpatrick, Global Pulse’s director.
Social media are one source of useful information. For example, tracking Twitter complaints about having to pay too much for food can provide signals that people are struggling financially to feed their families adequately.

Additionally, by analysing the calls made through various cell phone towers, it is possible to track the movements of communities in the wake of conflict or natural disasters such as droughts, helping agencies to make faster, more accurate decisions on where to deliver food supplies.

Digital technologies are also helping improve the efficiency of farming. The available tools range from sensors and video cameras to drones and satellites. These technologies are what make “precision agriculture” possible, bringing scientific rigour to farming. .........."

Technology helps feed a hungry world -


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