Thursday, August 08, 2013

Body and Health apps.

Quantified self and Machine Learning all adding to the BigData LinkedData world!

The altruism of the shared cost of fertility treatment is a very interesting angle, it will be interesting to see how this evolves and if other health area's can be addressed the same. Could be a new for of funded mobile health care and CrowdTreatment

Backed With $6M, Max Levchin’s Glow App For Tracking Female Fertility Debuts On The App Store | TechCrunch

Videos are worth watching for sure!

These guys in silicon valley are amazing. Quote towards local or global healthcare:
 "arbitrage prevention vs correction"
..... and with mobiles, machine learning and bigData this could aid anything from fertility to malaria, Poverty to Corruption, micro-insurance to micro-investments. Mobile apps will have a role in all this, we need to have AS creative brains AS mobiles/computers/apps have processing power!
see the video's especially the second one
PS Like Elon Musk (spaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop etc) , Levchin PayPal founder. Amazing!


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