Monday, October 15, 2012

Power of We!

"Power of We"  #powerofwe  #bad12

There is now no reason for anyone to think that they are "A LONE VOICE"!!!!!

Revelation after revelation is showing the Power of we, from exposure of injustice in Politics, with the Press, the Police, the Priests, the Populists, the People we see today that people who speak up make the difference.

Just with this one letter "P" in one location, the exposure in the UK alone around; MP expenses, Phone hacking, Hillsborough, the Catholic Church, Jimmy Saville, Rochdale taxi's & young girls; we see that where over past decades, adults and children used to be afraid to speak out, now they do AND everyone benefits. So if one little letter and one little Island does it then so we see, everywhere else does.

We see it globally from the Arab spring to the Global Financial crisis, the abuse of drugs in cycling and sport to the shooting of activists and innocent people in distant lands. Great change has been seen in the twelve months leading up to today, all thanks to lone voices knowing they are not alone when they speak up. Knowing this and doing this assures others that they to can and should do it!

At the highest of levels from and to sites like and we see great exposure, great sharing, great advancement.

The "Power of We" #powerofwe #bad12 its what we have developed to do!

So in the words of Robert Louis Stephenson, "lets not measure today by what we eat but by what we sow"!

Or the final quote from this animation quoting Margaret Mead " never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. Indeed its the only thing that ever has"!!!

My hope is that the voice of 1.4 Billion people will be saying "they did it for us" in 2015! Please learn about the MDG's!

These and so many more, form the theme of this blog for the last ten years now. Please do search my archive if its useful for you.

The "Power of We" #powerofwe #bad12


At 4/11/15 14:28, Blogger the life and blogs of Nick Horslen said...

Ive half hinted at another area that was likely to follow these others to be sport. What with FIFA, the German FA and now the IAAF today what next!

I suppose it will be the Arts next and perhaps another celebrity category after that!



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