Friday, December 31, 2010

365 of 2010

Well what a year!

Weather chaos at start and finish. Past govt exposed as incompetent for years, no clear winner at election, doubtful coalition get a grip, BP, Banks and Soverign debt, P.I.G.S. and Euro crisis, water leaks and wikileaks, North Korea, China and US politics, Ipad and facebook, twitter and GroupON, whatever next its a right mixed bag.

For me closer to home big issues about the good and bad of the NHS and the care for elderly hit too close to home. Thank goodness some lovely people chose to be nurses and carers.

Men look after your prostrate, your bladder and your marbles. Make sure you have a good pension and a loveing family at hand for when you hit old age. Old age might not be till we are 100 but 60, 70 and 80 can be pretty serious for some. Most of all fight for your health and your rights while staying healthy, sound in diet and sound in mind. Its no joke when your parents, kids or yourself get seriously ill, as there are some seriously inept people out there that dont help in the NHS!!

Good luck in 2011, Im looking forwards to it!!


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