Friday, April 30, 2010

UK Election 2010

Well what an interesting election it has been!
I wonder what we will all be saying in a weeks time when its all over?

Heres some of the current indicators:

The conservative are edging ahead at about 34% labour are neck and neck with libdem at around 27/28%. The conservatives really need to hit 40%+ to then think its going to happen next week.

The talk is of a hung parliament especially since the "game changing" debates on TV and the big up take on the lib dem. I wonder who's breakfast they have really eaten.

With the big issues of the Euro P.I.G.S only now coming into focus, we have much to worry about outside our own domestic politics and finances.

With the US looking better with Obama and their economy moving, there is hope.

China's growth aroung 11% is amazing.

What does it all mean, which way should confidence go without deluding ourselves.

Personally i think people are waking up to the fact that who ever was in for the last 13 years, the only real answer is change. when push comes to shove Im sure LibDem will take seats from conservatives and labour but overall they will win many second places at the expense of labour in third place. So long as Cameron sticks to the style and substance so for then i think he will have the mandate to get on a fix the deficit and address many of the economic, social and enviromental issues we need to solve. First off we need a sustainable approach from short to long term. Heres waiting for the 6th!!


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