Thursday, October 01, 2009

Parag Khanna maps the future of countries

Well worth a 20minute coffee break watching! This is one heck of an interesting speech with some amazing facts, maps, history and sociology:

90% of world economy is in 40 night time dots seen from space
90% of people still live in the place they were born

1945 = 100 countries in the world
1989 = 150 countries 1989
2009 = 200 countries 2009

Russian population shrinking

Mongolia is MINEgolia a bit like Congo or MINEgo and the Chinese pays for a lot of it so the west can consume so much more.
"China isnt conquering russia or africa its just leasing it".

The asian free trade zone has more of those 40 night time dots "hubs" than any other region.

Israel and Palestine, infrastructure - a stake brings peace.

Thinking about boarders differently > State building day-by-day

Bringing down boarders - Europeans

Darfur and Sudan?
Artic circle race!

Inertia of boarders is as big a threat as some current conflicts.

Traditional text book "History" in the making is what we are experiencing!!

umm!? ps - he could and should have said more on africa starting from Conrans book "heart of darkness"

This like Chris Pattens book "what next" is a real eye opener!

This reminds me of an even longer term development journey

now can we, dare we project ahead? >

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