Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All Things Video | AllThingsD

All Things Video AllThingsD Plastic electronic paper! The wifi wi-max newspaper and magazine, the replacement of that stackof business docs and more to follow on from the e-book race and things like Amazon Kindle and Sonys electronic ebook reader

This is a company and a technology i have been tracking since the rock band genesis first did a seed investment/angel investment in CDT in the early 90's. Boy its taken years for the vision to come through as product but its as much needed as it ever was. Did you know that the "average life" of office laser printed paper is less than 2 hours, what a waste of paper, ink, time, effort and electricity!

Good for plastic logic and CDT for sticking to their vision over many years, working hard, facing adversity, the real blood sweat and tears of true innovation!! Good luck to them, lets hope they can execute in the market having lived with the constant evolving challenge of executing in the R&D phase!


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