Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rough diamonds dazzle as entrepreneurs / Columnists / Luke Johnson - Rough diamonds dazzle as entrepreneurs:
"A minority of entrepreneurs does well at school and university. Many rebel and get bored in classrooms. They tend not to enjoy the rigidity of organised learning, the hierarchy of educational establishments and the theoretical nature of academia. They do not like rules, they enjoy independence and they want action, not dry words or formulas.
Lots of entrepreneurs suffer from learning difficulties. But by overcoming such challenges they can learn coping skills and develop persistence in their formative years: both valuable qualities for building companies. "


"Polite society has tended to embrace the articulate, posh and well-tailored sort from the best business schools and universities who have populated the higher echelons of the major investment banks and similar financial outfits. I prefer the company of the down-to-earth, self-made men and women who run our industries. They know that obscure terminology and fancy projections are worthless if the underlying fundamentals of a deal are awful. I hope we never again trust overpaid fools who think they know best thanks to bogus theories.",dwp_uuid=782015c4-f2e3-11dd-abe6-0000779fd2ac.html


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