Thursday, March 12, 2009

Richard Bransons fantastic new book "Business stripped bare" drew me to this and being an old genesis rock band fan and long term follower of Peter Gabriel means i watch this regularly

In fact it was music that first drew me to Virgin in the 70's and since then ive followed Branson with interest as he moved into airlines, mobile phones and so much more from his modest early record sales and tubular bells success, which is still great to listen to. Only in recent years from reading "screw it lets do it" and now his latest book have i had to the chance to see through the public image and be excited by how he does what he does.

What Branson and Gabriel are now doing with their influnce, name/brand, time, money and leadership goes a long way to offsetting the worries any of us would have, if you get the chance, like I did recently, to read Chris Pattons "Whats Next" a guide to surviving the 21st century. A more difficult and lengthy read but just as important and generative to me.

I really do recommend both these books as they both show the triple bottom line nature of the the importance of Economic, Social and Environmental responsibility and the leadership issues for entrepreneurs and all people with a stake, be that the need for a pay cheque, a pension, an ROI or just simple ambition for growth and a better future for our children and justice for all born ahead of us!,,9780713998566,00.html


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