Thursday, April 26, 2007

Inspirational character

Im blown away by the fact that a number of the UK fellows of the Kauffman Foundation (entrepreneurial centre) that im fortunate enough to be in touch with (having sat on a panel for them at Imperial College), they have all mention Dean Kaman when emailing me from the States, he obviously made a huge impression on them and they have met many of the best from business and places like Harvard while out there.

Dean is recently well known for the SEGWAY but i personally never knew how prolific an inventor, entrepreneur and all round great mind that he is till i heard from the students and checked the web, he's definately worth reading about:

He's added to the world and to peoples lives from medical devices to solving water supply problems in the 3rd world!

Just look at his list of patents

Ive picked up on Dean here just because Im so impressed by these UK student-entrepreneurs who have gone off to the Kauffman foundation as fellows, they are great guys and have a fantastic opportunity now, they were inspired when they met Dean. Its because of them that i looked into Dean, Im glad i did, he is an inspiration.

Do please tell me of your inspirational entrepreneurs, inventors and leaders.


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