Monday, February 20, 2006

and if you wonder about blogs

The Truth Laid Bear
scanning these you might(just might) get an enlightment.
Having blogged for sometime now (feeling slightly self indulgent at times) but having got into the mode of doing it "one click" from the site of interest, with a limit of just a minute or two of typing, i now feel the new world of; being open, sharing idea's, interests, finds and facts.

From the past an analogy to the spectrum from Ann Frank to Adrian Mole (UK/Euro centric i know), newspapers to webzines, Blogs are a new open, creative and democratic media. Yes there’s been lots of hype for years and i'll still buy and subscribe to my favorite mags and newspaper, but aside of that some blogs (only some) will prove the test of time, others are just pure self indulgence, like books, art, websites, daily chatter and other media!

ps - credit to Trevor Butterworth for his article in pink that i read on the plane in the FT (18/19feb2006) that gave me some of the pointers. I read the FT whenever i fly and subscribe online, it worked for my workstyle and lifestyle as a paper for the last 10-20yrs and im sure it will last the next 10-20yrs.

Now im seeing as part of the next step in connecting the community approach of the web for me.