Friday, December 24, 2004

After my past experiences here comes the future!

If you have the time? - beware it goes! - I arrived in 1961. I thrived as a child though to the 70's. I eat from and finished with the education system (for the time being) by 1982. I looked further in the 80's and I reached and delivered in the 90's. I worked and grew my business foundation, got married started my family and endulged my interests until 2000. I hit 40!
Getting there I learnt about people, science and technology. I learn to look, listen, expend, express, manage and direct. In the process I touched on peoples thinking and aspirations, including my own, Then as one of just a few profound experiences, I touched on IP in the early 90's; for communicating and then the web early in 94 and moved some business online for a few years.

A new Millenium arrived and I got the bug. 2000!
2001 my life changed, I changed my life, I lead. I broke free and stepped up to the mark of my new future. I discovered true balance and freedom, it wasnt easy. The balance sheet was real. I set my own expectations, I took ownership of my time, I balanced my aspirations and responsibilities as a father, husband, worker, exec, citizen, mere mortal; not bound just grateful. 2002 took myself to new levels, large and small, the world is big and better small, I got real, saw the world again at different levels, I do like to fly but you always enjoy the landing. Investing further, reaped the rewards again in 2003.
2004 arrived, still the world changed, still the challenges presented and rolled out ahead of me, those aspirations keep coming. The thoughts the hunger stirred further. I saw myself, my life and my friends, family, coworkers and joint travellers.

2005 is arriving, I can resist it no logger, im late, I have to find time to blog! If im lucky I might have the next half of my life to catch up on it. The Blog will be that new old reflection.
Do feel free to join me on the journey, but use your time wisely, I do not want to waste one second of it, you can make sure neither I or you do! To act is to win, now=won on reflection!

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards" Soren Kierkegaard.

Diaries were never for me, Blogs maybe! How honest dare we be!
Nick Horslen


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